Moving a Blog is Almost as Painful as Moving Overseas

In January I decided to begin a long contemplated travel blog.  After a few months of blogging and receiving a great deal of interest from the world at large I decided we would take the blog a bit further and actually start promoting it via SEO, shared links, guest blogging, etc.  This change would require a move from one host to another.  So far this process is a lot more frustrating than I ever expected…Let me apologize now to my followers because I have no idea how this may impact the stream of information you will receive.

I began my blog with because it was recommended to me by friends that have been highly successful at monetizing online media and blogs.  WordPress is fairly user-friendly so I would say that was a good call.  However, the basic sites do not provide you the ability to properly tag and structure your site for good Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…a.k.a, helping Google find your site.

So now I am transferring my hosting from WordPress to HostGator.  There are a lot of companies that do hosting along these lines, but HostGator is well known for easily reconfiguring and transferring your WordPress site, for no charge. 

I began the transfer process this morning and it is not as simple as advertised.  HostGator has a robust Online Chat service so I have spent the last 90 minutes “chatting”, sans any teas and biscuits mind you, with a tech guy.  The first problem was that my password would not work. This was a problem that was solved after about 20 minutes of back and forth emails. The next issue was setting up the transfer form.  Technical support was helpful but it’s not a particularly simple or efficient process.

Now we are on hold for the next 24-72 hours while HostGator determines if the transfer is going to work.  They have already let me know that many of the images may disappear so I am questioning the original decision of starting with WordPress hosting.

I know I am not the only one that has experienced this process and there will be thousands that will follow my own inefficient path to a “proper blog” so I will be sure to document the process along the way.

If you have a tip, please add it.  If you have a question, feel free to ask…


4 thoughts on “Moving a Blog is Almost as Painful as Moving Overseas

  1. I ended up doing the same thing with my blog. I started it on then transferred to with hostgator as my host.

    It was definitely a pain in the ass for the first week and I was chatting with their support team too. I had to reconfigure my posts and re upload pictures after selecting a different theme.

    Hostgator was patient though which helped. That was almost a year ago. I feel like you will appreciate the move though. My blog has grown quite about and their are no limits as to what you can do with your blog when it moves over.

    Hang in there and best of luck!

  2. I’m really glad that you put up this post. I just started my blog and already KNOW that I am going to want to move it from wordpress. If it’s that tedious, wouldn’t it be easier to just start anew and then have your old posts streamed in?

    • Very long story short, I would just start with a hosted WordPress site and forget the other steps. I would also select a premium theme, which can be as little as $50 to buy. The premium sites will give you more widgets that you will need for good SEO, etc. You will probably need to hire someone to set everything up for you. It will take an expert 2-3 hours time, typically. Then I would also have it hosted by Host Gator. I’ll be writing a more detailed post about this soon. But until then, those are the conclusions I have come to. Good luck on your blog!

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